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  • Peter Pflugrath

    A Look into Peter Pflugrath, Executive VP for Markets & Growth at LMI

    Peter Pflugrath is the current Executive Vice President for Markets & Growth at LMI. He brings over 30 years of experience, successfully leading teams as they provide logistics management solutions, driving organic growth, and supporting various defense market initiatives. Get to know more about LMI’s Executive VP here. Who is Peter Pflugrath? Peter “Pete” Pflugrath […] More

  • What Are The Top 5 Government Contracts Won By Ace Info Solutions?

    What Are The Top 5 Government Contracts Won By Ace Info Solutions?

    Ace Info Solutions (AceInfo), a subsidiary of Dovel Technologies, specializes in providing federal  IT services. AceInfo has secured an impressive 95% of its contracts as the prime contractor. The company brings extensive expertise in system integration, development, implementation, operation, and maintenance to support various government missions. Here, we present a list of Ace Info Solutions’ […] More

  • Top Government Contracts Won by Acquia

    What Are The Top Government Contracts Won by Acquia?

    Acquia is a leading software-as-a-service company specializing in a wide range of digital experience platforms for both government agencies and commercial industries. Acquia’s primary strength lies in its position as a top provider of open-source software, particularly centered around Drupal, a free content management system for building digital experiences. Here are the top government contracts […] More

  • What Are The Top Government Contracts Won By AAR Corp.?

    What Are The Top Government Contracts Won By AAR Corp.?

    Photo by aappp from AAR Corp. provides advanced aviation services and aftermarket expertise for federal government agencies. The company offers a range of government, commercial, and OEM solutions for aerospace and defense customers in over 20 countries. Check out the top government contracts won by AAR Corp. 1. USACE Secured a Hybrid Contract to […] More

  • Who Are Acquia Leaders and Executives?

    Who Are Acquia Leaders and Executives?

    Photo by monticello from Acquia is a software development firm specializing in cloud-based digital experience management services and solutions. The company empowers thousands of brands and clients through its software-as-services, allowing different-sized companies to build, operate, and optimize digital experiences. Meet Acquia leaders and executives right here. About Acquia Photo from Acquia Official Website […] More

  • Who Are the AAR Corp Leaders, Founders, & Executives?

    Who Are the AAR Corp Leaders, Founders, & Executives?

    Image from AAR Corp Official Website AAR Corp is an international provider of aviation services with offices in more than 20 countries. As an independent company based in Wood Dale, Illinois, AAR Corp draws on its 65 years of aftermarket experience and commercial best practices to service its government and military customers. Get to know […] More

  • Top 5 TriWest Healthcare Alliance Government Contracts

    Top 5 TriWest Healthcare Alliance Government Contracts

    Photo from TriWest Healthcare Alliance Official Website TriWest Healthcare Alliance Corp. is one of the health care providers tasked to manage high-quality health care services under the Department of Veterans Affairs. The company administers programs and plans for the well-being of veterans, active-duty soldiers, and communities. Here are the top TriWest Healthcare Alliance government contracts. […] More

  • vernon saunders ceo freedom consulting group

    Vernon Saunders: Freedom Consulting Group CEO

    Vernon Saunders has been with the industry for decades. Recently, he became the new CEO of the Freedom Consulting Group. Read here to learn more about Vernon Saunders, CEO of Freedom Consulting Group! Who is Vernon Saunders? Vernon Saunders serves as the chief executive officer of Freedom Consulting Group. Saunders formerly served as the Senior […] More

  • Oshkosh Corporation Leadership Team

    Meet Oshkosh Corp. Leaders, Founders, and Executives

    Photo by Lisa Schulz from Oshkosh Corporation has been at the forefront of manufacturing vehicles, machinery, fire apparatus, and large-scale equipment since 1917. The company has worked with many federal departments and agencies to protect communities in the United States and across the globe. Here is a rundown of Oshkosh Corp. leaders, founders, and […] More

  • Top 10 Northrop Grumman Government Contracts

    Top 10 Northrop Grumman Government Contracts

    Photo by Postmodern Studio from Northrop Grumman Corporation is a large aerospace and defense company headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia. The company specializes in developing cutting-edge technology and security solutions for space, land, air, sea, and cyber domains. Northrop Grumman’s operations are enabled by agreements granted by different federal government agencies. Below are the […] More

  • Todd Probert, President - National Security and Innovative Solutions Sector CACI; Tood Probert leads strategic national security missions

    Todd Probert: President of CACI’s National Security and Innovative Solutions

    Photo of Todd Probert CACI International Official Website Todd Probert is the President of National Security and Innovative Solutions, a CACI International segment offering world-class capabilities in resiliency, cybersecurity, space operations, and C4ISR. He has held the position since July 2020. CACI International Inc. is an IT solutions company that provides services to the U.S. […] More

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