• ExecutiveBiz covers executive-level business activity that drives innovation in the industry. We discuss the latest technology trends, funding rounds, executive moves. ExecutiveBiz also helps paint a more complete picture of the government contracting industry by featuring medium-sized business news.


  • Executive Mosaic caters to professionals within the government contracting industry. Our readers consist of top executives from some of the largest government contracting firms as well as officials from the public sector. Articles submitted to Executive Mosaic’s media properties are required to abide by our editorial guidelines.
    These guidelines include:


  • Submitted content should be related to one of the existing categories on the site which you are seeking to engage in. Before submitting content, please take some time to check whether the topic you plan on submitting has been previously featured as only unique content, which not previously discussed on the site will be published. Duplicate content will not be accepted.

Word Count:

  • We do not impose strict length limits on guest content. However, we highly encourage submissions to contain no less than 800 words. Any content shorter than that would require extra justifications.


  • Content posted on our site are advised to follow these structural guidelines:

    • Title:
      Titles should be around 60 characters. Titles should be clear, concise, and include a target keyword.
    • Headings:
      H1s are not allowed within the article. Please use H2s for main section headings and H3s for subsections. If possible, please use questions as headings. The more questions a submission answers, the better it would perform.
    • Paragraphs:
      Sections under headings should not exceed 250 words. If you need to include more words, we suggest that you use another subheading (H3). We prefer shorter paragraphs that contain 3-4 sentences each. Breaking longer paragraphs into smaller ones helps make the content more appealing to our target audience.
    • Introductions & Conclusions:
      Submissions will need to have introductory and concluding paragraphs which contain 100-150 words each.


  • Submissions for Executive Mosaic sites must include 3 types of links:

    • Internal links: please make sure to refer to existing pages on the site. A minimum of 2 internal links is required.
    • Intrasite links: please make sure to include links to other ExecutiveMedia sites. A minimum of 1 link to each of the sites is required.
      Sites: GovCon Wire, ExecutiveBiz, Potomac Officers Club or ExecutiveGov
    • External links: please make sure to include only relevant external links. One link to your website is accepted as long as it is relevant to the content.


Contributors must provide at least one picture with their submission. Original images are preferred; relevant stock images are acceptable. We do not accept images without rightful attributions.

Author bio:

Contributors must submit a short bio of 50 words, which could include a link back to their website. Please also include a headshot image to use on the website.

Reasons Your Submission May Be Rejected:

  • Your content may not meet one or more of the requirements specified above.
    In such a case, we will work with you to make the necessary changes for successful submission and posting.
  • Your content may have been published elsewhere. We only accept exclusive submissions.
    Once your submission has been accepted and posted, you are not allowed to republish the content elsewhere. If your content is found elsewhere, we reserve the right to remove the said content from our sites.
  • EM maintains the right to reject submissions or to request that you revise & resubmit to better tailor the article to our audience.

Accepted Submissions:

  • We reserve the right to edit accepted submissions to make sure they meet our guidelines and serve our audience best.
  • Guest Contributor submissions are published on a regular schedule. Once all edits are reviewed and accepted, we will inform you of the scheduled date and time of publication.
  • Contributors are encouraged to share their content on social media once it’s live. They’re also encouraged to link to it in their future content.
  • Engaged and regular contributors may have more freedom in their future contributions.