Get To Know The Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems (RMS)

Get To Know The Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems (RMS) - top government contractors - best government contracting event

Lockheed Martin, the global aerospace and security giant, is also one of the leading federal defense contractors in the industry. With their longstanding business relationship with defense departments, Lockheed Martin has completed countless projects and programs that fortified the nation’s defenses and boosted the warfighting capabilities of the country.

To effectively service its customers in different industries, Lockheed Martin is divided into four business segments: Aeronautics, Space, Missiles and Fire Control (FMC), and Rotary and Mission Systems (RMC).

Who is the Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems?

The Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems (RMS) is one of the four business segments of Lockheed Martin. Headquartered in Washington, Lockheed Martin RMS boasts a diverse portfolio of government contract programs in different industries, such as cybersecurity, rotorcraft technology, littoral warfare, and radar systems.

This business segment is made up of more than 35,000 industry experts that cater to civilian, commercial, international, and government customers, like the U.S. Armed Forces.

What does Lockheed Martin RMS do?

The Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems specialize in gathering intelligence and data to produce actionable solutions for key decision-makers.


Evolving challenges mean more complex problems. And that is why Lockheed Martin RMS is keen on delivering actionable solutions to the world’s most significant issues.

Under the Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR), the Rotary and Mission Systems experts churn complex data to create creative solutions that target the problem to the core. The C4ISR technologies help its customers gain the advantage, whether their mission is on land, air, the sea and down under it, and space.

Cyber and Intelligence

People have become increasingly reliant on online technologies now that the world is shifting to digital. However, this massive change has also exposed vulnerabilities that adversaries can exploit. And that is why the need for more robust cybersecurity and cyber resilience technologies has never been more imperative.

The Rotary and Mission Systems is a full-spectrum leader, delivering and developing cutting-edge cyber solutions and cybersecurity technologies to its vast network of global customers. Mostly catering to military departments and governments around the globe, Lockheed Martin protects its customers’ platforms, systems, networks, and data.

The global defense contractor develops cyber-hardening weapons, systems, and missions to improve cyber resilience. And Lockheed Martin RMS also provides crucial intelligence support through collecting, analyzing, and disseminating threat intelligence.

Directed Energy

Laser weapon systems seem like a concept straight out of a sci-fi movie, right? But, the Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems is making this next-generation weapon come to life. By harnessing the power of electromagnetic energy, the company was able to develop laser weapon systems, radio technologies, and other directed energy technologies that help its customers in land, air, and sea missions.

Laser weapon systems offer speed, accuracy, and flexibility that help countries adapt to the ever-evolving warfighting landscape. This new warfighting innovation minimizes collateral damage while boosting firepower. Its unique covert capabilities make it suitable to identify threats and eliminate targets—while staying undetectable.

The Lockheed Martin RMS’s full-service, multi-mission laser weapon systems sharpen the country’s defense and security edge.

The Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems also develop new technologies using the electromagnetic spectrum: infrared, radio frequency, and radar.

Electronic Warfare

To battle society’s evolving challenges, the U.S. and its allies leverage emerging technologies. And that is why Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems equip its customers for Electronic Warfare—using electromagnetic spectra. Through the use of signals such as radio frequency, infrared, and radar, the U.S. can sense, protect, communicate, and prevent threats from disrupting these signals.

Furthermore, Electronic Warfare is divided into three major areas: Electronic Attack (disrupt, destroy, deceive, and degrade threats), Electronic Protection (protect signal receivers from being interrupted or deceived by outside forces), and Electronic Support (sense and detect signals from the electromagnetic spectrum).

The Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems is dedicated to innovating the latest Electronic Warfare technologies to assist the U.S. in its defense-critical missions in all spheres: land, sea, air, and cyberspace.

Maritime Systems

The seas are vast, and gaining dominance over this domain may prove impossible—or not? The Rotary and Mission Systems delivers the latest naval tech solutions, training, and sustainment to keep the U.S. Navy on top of its game.

Lockheed Martin RMS ensures that the U.S. Navy is properly equipped with the latest tech to complete missions, may it be on land, air, sea, and space. The Rotary and Mission Systems empowers warfighters by fusing their expertise in various fields, such as Directed Energy and C4ISR.

The Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems helps governments to recognize threats from far out, and mitigate it before it becomes a problem.

Radars and Sensors

The best countermeasure to any evolving adversaries is to be prepared. And being prepared means having the capability to detect, identify, and mitigate threats in all spheres: ground, sea, and air. And Lockheed Martin’s cutting-edge radar and electro-optical/infrared sensor systems are engineered to do just that.

With a deep portfolio of designing fully integrated systems, Lockheed Martin RMS radars’ are capable of airborne early warning, space situational awareness, ground-based surveillance, integrated air and missile defense, and countermeasures. Its global partner nations, especially the federal government, trust its top-notch surveillance systems to protect them.

Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company, is one of the leading manufacturers of military helicopters and assault aircraft.


Sikorsky Aircraft, a Lockheed Martin Company, is among the pioneers of helicopter manufacturers for civilian and military use. And now, the aircraft fleet that Sikorsky engineered is one of America’s cornerstones for aerial defense and offense.

The Black Hawk, Sikorsky Aircraft’s pride and joy, is the Army’s primary medium-lift utility helicopter. Packed with speed and the latest flight technologies, the Black Hawk is a true aerial beast that excels in Multi-Domain Operations.

Training, Logistics & Sustainment

The people behind every operation are the backbone of every success. Empowering them means elevating the system, which is why Lockheed Martin designs scalable, flexible, and curated training and logistics systems through augmented, virtual, and mixed reality.

The Rotary and Mission Systems segment specializes in creating customized tools and systems to address their customers’ different goals. They don’t believe in using cookie-cutter training programs—they devise specialized systems with the end goal in mind.

The Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems business segment helps the U.S. Armed Forces to complete high-risk, dangerous missions through its unmanned systems.

Unmanned Systems

For missions in harsh and dangerous environments, Lockheed Martin’s unmanned systems come into play. Its tactical integration between man and science helps establish an innovative and resilient multi-domain network.

Through the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the risk of casualties is lowered, and the mission success rate is even higher. Lockheed Martin’s autonomous systems help warfighters in the land, sea, and air to identify and mitigate direct threats. And, the advanced computing power of AI helps key decision-makers make more informed decisions.

The Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems work hand-in-hand with various U.S. defense departments to fortify the nation's defenses.

What are the government contracts awarded to Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems?

As one of the industry’s top federal defense contractors, it is no surprise that there are countless contract wins under their belt—and here are some of them.

  1. $4.4B Deal for Black Hawk Helicopters

Sikorsky Aircraft won a $4.4 billion contract from the U.S. Army to build and deliver 255 units of H-60M Black Hawk helicopters. Under this multi-year federal contract, Sikorsky will manufacture 120 units of these assault utility choppers—with the provision of providing additional 135 aircraft should the federal agency request for it.

  1. $2.2B Contract to Engineer Navy Submarines

Lockheed Martin’s Rotary and Mission Systems unit will provide engineering and development support for U.S. Navy’s submarine fleet. This multi-year, billion-dollar contract will also cater to international clients such as Australia, Canada, and Japan

  1. $750M Contract to Update Aegis Combat Systems 

The U.S. Navy awarded this multimillion-dollar contract to the Rotary and Mission Systems unit to perform in-service lifetime support for Aegis units, including its weaponry, equipment, and computer programs. The target Aegis units under this government contract are those used by Australia, Canada, Japan, Spain, South Korea, and Norway.

  1. $701 Contract to Develop Surface Ship Undersea Warfare Tech for Navy, Japan

As one of the leading naval and undersea warfare technology specialists, Lockheed Martin was selected by the federal government to design surface ship undersea warfare systems for the U.S. Navy and Japan.

The AN/SQQ-89A(V)15 USW systems that the Lockheed Martin business unit specialize in search, detection, classification, and tracking of undersea contacts.

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