Vincent Bridgeman: Redhorse Corp. SVP Joins the 5th Annual AI Summit

Vincent Bridgeman is a keynote speaker for the 5th Annual AI Summit

Vince Bridgeman is the Senior Vice President of National Security Services at Redhorse Corporation. He has held this position since February 18, 2023. 


Vince Bridgeman is a keynote speaker for the Potomac Officers Club’s 5th Annual Artificial Intelligence Summit. Register here.


Who is Vincent Bridgeman?


Vincent Bridgeman joined Redhorse Corporation in January 2014 as the Vice President of Intelligence Services. He redefines the company’s trajectory in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and digital transformation services.


Before stepping into the corporate world, Vincent Bridgeman honed his skills as a Marine Corps intelligence officer. It was where he learned his approach to the challenges and opportunities in the civilian sector. 


His experience, combined with a Master’s Degree in U.S. National Security Policy, gives him a profound understanding of the intricacies of U.S. intelligence. More importantly, it enables him to translate theoretical knowledge into practical solutions.


Vincent Bridgeman sees beyond the conventional applications of technology and strategy. He recognizes the potential of knowledge graphs and graph data science as pivotal technologies for transforming mission analytics. His innovative approach included adopting new technologies, understanding their significance, and integrating them into the company’s strategy.


Catch Vincent Bridgeman at the Potomac Officers Club’s 5th Annual Artificial Intelligence Summit


5th Annual Artificial Intelligence Summit banner



Thursday, March 21, 2024

7:00 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.

Eastern Time Zone


Falls Church Marriott Fairview Park

3111 Fairview Park Dr,

Falls Church, Virginia 22042


The 5th Annual Artificial Intelligence Summit aims to explore the transformative potential and power of artificial intelligence in the public sector.


Following the White House’s AI Executive Order in October 2023, federal leaders and industry experts will converge to discuss cutting-edge AI advancements, engage in dynamic discussions, and forge strategic collaborations. AI leaders from CIA, DARPA, CDAO, OUSD (R&E), DHS, and NGA will keynote this must-attend AI event.


Why Attend?


The agenda for the 5th Annual Artificial Intelligence Summit will cover networking opportunities, keynote speeches, and panel discussions on various topics related to AI. Vincent Bridgeman will be introducing Rachael Martin, one of the keynote speakers at the event. Register here to attend the summit. 


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Redhorse Corporation’s Contribution to the Federal Government’s Artificial Intelligence Initiatives


1. Redhorse Corporation uses advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve decision-making in the government. It comprises over 400 experts specializing in creating solutions and extracting valuable information from data. Redhorse also works with top tech companies to provide the best AI and ML services, such as providing generative AI deployment for Yurts.


2. Redhorse Corporation works closely with the Department of Defense (DoD) and Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) to improve national security using artificial intelligence (AI). The company received a $100 million blank purchase agreement in October 2020 to help the JAIC speed up its use of AI through:


  • Cloud infrastructure engineering
  • Machine learning infrastructure and technologies
  • DevSecOps platform evaluation


3. Redhorse Corporation also works with the Department of Defense’s top office for digital and AI initiatives. The company’s five-year deal with the DoD, AI Talent 2.0, involves forming teams of engineers, supporters, and managers to work closely with high-level officials and ensure reliable communication and cooperation.


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Written by Skyler Bernards

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