The Top Government Contracts Won by Altamira Technologies

What are the top government contracts won by Altamira technologies?
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The top government contracts won by Altamira Technologies, a company notable for mission-ready tradecraft sets, are consequential for federal agencies focused on defense, intelligence, and innovative solutions to mobilize their efforts.


What are the recent top government contracts won by Altamira Technologies?

Below are the prime contract awards awarded to Altamira Technologies by various military and government agencies.

Altamira Secured a Spot among Four Contractors to Support NASIC Effort, $4.8 Billion

Altamira NOVASTAR Contract
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  • Year: 2022
  • Contracting activity: U.S. Air Force (USAF)
  • Contract type: Multi-award, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity (IDIQ)
  • Contract duration: 10 years


In August 2022, Altamira Technologies secured a spot to complete task orders for the U.S. Air Force’s multi-award IDIQ, called NOVASTAR (National Air and Space Intelligence Center Scientific and Technical Intelligence Capability Support Services), supporting the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC).


Under a contract value of nearly $5 billion, Altamira and the other contract awardees will provide research, development, and software capabilities befitting the NOVASTAR program. According to one of the chosen contractors, NOVASTAR was established to combine 20 current intelligence analysis service contracts encompassing research, development, production, and sustainment across NASIC activities for the USAF, Department of Defense (DoD), and other national intelligence programs.


Altamira and the other contract awardees will continue working on NOVASTAR task orders until 2032.


Altamira Won ATEP II Contract Extension from NASIC, $1.24 Billion

Altamira ATEP II contract extension
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  • Year: 2022
  • Contracting activity: National Air and Space Intelligence Center
  • Contract type: Modification
  • Contract duration: One year


Since 2012, Altamira has been supporting NASIC by providing innovation in exploitation, data analytics, scientific demonstrations, and software and systems development. One of the demonstrations reflecting the company’s partnership with the air and space intelligence agency is the Advanced Technical Exploitation Program II (ATEP II) contract awarded to several contract awardees in 2014.


Altamira reached another significant milestone in its alliance with NASIC when it received an expansion for ATEP II in September 2022. The task orders under ATEP II include research, development, system sustainment, software development and sustainment, and intelligence production activities that use non-nuclear and geospatial-intelligence measurements, as well as signature intelligence data.


With an estimated ceiling value of $1.24 billion, Altamira will continue to perform work for NASIC at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. The contract modification also entails an extended ordering period until September 2023.


Altamira Landed GSA’s MEGASTAR Blanket Purchase Agreement, $997 Million

Altamira MEGASTAR blanket purchase agreement
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  • Year: 2021
  • Contracting activity: U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)
  • Contract type: Blanket purchase agreement (BPA)
  • Contract duration: Five years


On January 7, 2021, Altamira was selected to lead the GSA’s contracting arrangement team for the potential five-year MEGASTAR blanket purchase agreement. This is among the top government contracts won by Altamira Technologies as of late.


The MEGASTAR BPA, which is valued at $997 Million, covers scientific and technical intelligence support services for the National Air and Space Intelligence Center. COO Blain Worthington highlighted that MEGASTAR complements Altamira’s work with the ATEP II contract and its partnership with NASIC.


Altamira Technologies was tasked to be the new team lead for the remaining performance period of the contract and the main point of contact for customers with concerns regarding MEGASTAR.


Altamira Secured Subcontract for USSOCOM Technical Development Support Work, $430 Million

Altamira USSOCOM subcontract
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  • Year: 2022
  • Contracting activity: U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)
  • Contract type: Subcontract to an Other Transaction Agreement (OTA)
  • Contract duration: 10 years


On September 14, 2022, Altamira secured a subcontract agreement from IronEagleX, a veteran-owned defense services and solutions company based in Florida, to provide technical development support to the U.S. Special Operations Command. The subcontract operates under a prime OTA, valued at $430 million, awarded to IronEagleX in August 2022.


Under the subcontract, Altamira will carry on providing advanced analytics, data science, and program management services to IronEagle’s task orders for the USSOCOM, which encompass research, development, services, products, and other extending solutions befitting the special operations command’s interoperability, operations, and software solutions requirements. Altamira is tasked with delivering the task orders until 2032.


Altamira Selected to Complete Task Orders for U.S. Air Force R&D Requirements, $51 Million

Altamira Air Force R&D IDIQ contract
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  • Year: 2021
  • Contracting activity: Acquisition Management and Integration Center
  • Contract type: Indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity
  • Contract duration: Eight years


In March 2021, Altamira Technologies achieved a pivotal moment when it won a spot among 11 other contractors to complete the U.S. Air Force’s IDIQ for various research and development initiatives.


The IDIQ is valued at $51 million and was granted by the Acquisition Management and Integration Center on behalf of the Air Force. Under the deal, the 11 contractors will work on addressing technical requirements for R&D efforts at Dahlgren, Virginia, with an estimated conclusion date of March 3, 2029.


Altamira Won U.S. Air Force Contract for CDM Office’s Analytic Tradecraft, $36 Million

Altamira CDM Office tradecraft contract
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  • Year: 2021
  • Contracting activity: USAF’s Concepts Development and Management Office (CDM)
  • Contract duration: Five years


In July 2021, Altamira Technologies landed a five-year contract with the U.S. Air Force’s Concepts Development and Management Office with an estimated value of $36 million.


Called the Innovation Analytic Tradecraft contract, Altamira was tasked with fulfilling scientific development and analytic capabilities for the Air Force’s CDM division. According to COO Worthington, this contract bolsters Altamira Technologies’ position to fulfill tasks supporting critical missions.


About Altamira Technologies

Altamira Technologies, a defense, national security, and modern technology solutions company
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Altamira Technologies Corporation is a Virginia-based company dedicated to advancing national security through expert-crafted, intelligent, and mission-focused solutions. For 20 years, Altamira has provided deep domain expertise to the Intelligence community and the Department of Defense.


Altamira’s extensive expertise in cyber, intelligence, and space-based tradecraft mission arrays played crucial roles in several government missions. With these top government contracts won by Altamira Technologies, the company can advance current and new missions to promote and maintain more robust defense, intelligence, and national security landscapes. 


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