The Most Recent Top Government Contracts Won By Akima, LLC

The Most Recent Top Government Contracts Won By Akima, LLC
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There are many top government contracts won by Akima, LLC that have helped and assisted project developments on different branches of the U.S. Department of Defense. The company supports federal government and commercial businesses with technology through its broad portfolio of 45 companies.

Not just a well-known Alaska Native Corporation, Akima, LLC is one of the active federal contractors offering mission support, extensive data management, information technology, and many more to its government customers. 

Recent Top Government Contracts Won By Akima, LLC

Akima, LLC
Army Contracting Command leadership visits the 414th Contracting Support Brigade [Image 4 of 4], by SGT Tianna Field, from DVIDS, licensed under public domain
We’ve compiled a list of contracts awarded to Akima and its subsidiary that are still available and working on in 2023. Get to know the top government contracts won by Akima LLC below.

1. Akima Intra‐Data Received Facility Support Services II

  • Contracting Activity: Air Force Test Center
  • Contract Type: Firm-fixed-price contract
  • Value: $152.8
  • Duration: 8 years

Akima Intra‐Data LLC, an Akima subsidiary that delivers full-spectrum maintenance and logistics services, won a $152.9 million contract from the USAF. Facility Support Services II will provide various facility services at the Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC) at Arnold Air Force Base. 

These services include security services, fire and emergency services, and command, control, and communication functions. The operations site chosen for this contract is in Arnold Air Force Base, Tennessee. Other operations will be done at White Oak, Maryland, and Moffett Field, California, until Nov. 30, 2027.

2. Akima Support Operations for the U.S. Army Asset Repair & Overhaul Contract

  • Contracting Activity: U.S. Army Contracting Command
  • Contract Type: Hybrid (cost-plus-fixed-fee and firm-fixed-price) contract
  • Value: $910 million
  • Duration: 5 years

Akima Support Operations LLC (ASO) and other companies received a $910 contract from the U.S. Army last July 2022. This contract will enable contractors to maintain and repair the necessary machinery, systems, and vehicles to keep them in good operational condition. 

ASO is an Akima business segment that provides extensive facility management services. The location and funding for the operations under this contract will depend on each task order per vendor. The completion date will be July 7, 2027.

3. Akima Logistics Services to Provide the U.S. Air Force Academy Aircraft Logistics

Akima Logistics Services to Provide the U.S. Air Force Academy Aircraft Logistics
“Boots on the Ground” march on Fleet Readiness Center Southeast [Image 10 of 10], by Clifford Davis, from DVIDS, licensed under public domain
  • Contracting Activity: Air Force Life Cycle Management Center
  • Contract Type: Firm-fixed-price contract
  • Value: $109.7 million
  • Duration: 5 years

Akima Logistics Services (ALS) started the $109.7 million contract with the U.S. Air Force last April 7, 2022. ALS is an Akima subsidiary known for delivering aviation services to the federal civilian government and DoD. The firm-fixed-price contract will receive logistics support for the 58 U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA) aircraft.

The work will occur on several USAF sites in Colorado Springs, including USAFA, Academy Auxiliary, and Peterson Air Force Base, until April 6, 2032. This agreement also covers the use of tow aircraft and tow pilots.

4. Akima Logistics Services Won KRACEn Multiple Award Contract

  • Contracting Activity: Commander Fleet Readiness Center Procurement Group
  • Contract Type: IDIQ contracts
  • Value: $6.1 billion
  • Duration: 10 years

Akima Logistics Services is one of the 42 small business industry partners that will work on the Kits, Recovery, Augmentation, Components, and Engines (KRACEn) Multiple Award Contract (MAC). The massive $6.1 billion contract covers the aircraft maintenance services and support, which includes the following activities:

  • Modification kit build and installations.
  • Recovery of downed aircraft.
  • Repair of aircraft and components.
  • Overhaul of engines.

In addition, KRACEn will assist with contractor logistics support requirements on the number of aircraft needed to serve Navy Fleet Readiness Centers. All work and operation under this contract will end in April 2030.

5. Akima Logistics Services USAF Logistics Contract

  • Contracting Activity: Air Force Life Cycle Management Center
  • Contract Type: IDIQ contract
  • Value: 385 million
  • Duration: 10 years

ALS won the $385 million contract from the USAF for C-21 aircraft contractor logistics support services. This agreement covers program management, engine maintenance, aircraft bases and depots maintenance, deployment support, and modifications and support for improvements.

This contract’s operations will occur at several locations inside the country and overseas. Some work sites are Scott Air Force Base, Illinois; Joint Base Andrews, Maryland; and Ramstein Air Base, Germany. This 10-year contract will be completed by August 31, 2030.

About Akima, LLC

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Akima, LLC is a multinational company supporting some of the federal government’s most significant and ground-breaking projects. The company is a subsidiary of NANA Regional Corporation that primarily offers agile solutions with the help of its 9,500 professionals.

Akima boasts its Iñupiat heritage and values: integrity, commitment, and respect. Akima’s headquarters resides in Herndon, Virginia.



Akima has always been an interesting federal government contractor for bringing its heritage values and providing advanced solutions to its customers. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Akima.

Who is the CEO of Akima?

Bill Monet serves as the company’s current Chief Executive Officer and President. He leads the rest of Akima’s leadership and executives and oversees a portfolio of over 45 companies.

What industry is Akima?

Akima is a global enterprise and federal government solutions provider. The company primarily provides mission support services such as aerospace solutions, systems engineering, IT, logistics, and fixtures and equipment.


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