Delve Into Advanced Technology International’s Leaders, Founders, & Execs: Who Are They?

Delve Into Advanced Technology International's Leaders, Founders, & Execs: Who Are They?
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Advanced Technology International’s leaders, founders, & execs head the company in its objective of lessening the burden of the research and development initiatives of the federal government. Delve into the passionate industry experts and executives of ATI, accelerating growth in various federal technology domains through class-leading R&D.

Advanced Technology International’s Leaders, Founders, & Execs: Who Are They?

Advanced Technology International‘s leaders, founders, & executives possess vast experience in their respective fields. They serve as leaders not only to the company but also to the community.


Chris Van Metre, President and Chief Executive Officer

Chris Van Metre, President and Chief Executive Officer

Taking on the role of President and Chief Executive Officer at Advanced Technology International is Chris Van Metre.  He has assumed the highest leadership position since May 2021, becoming the third President and CEO of the company. In this capacity, Van Metre is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the billion-dollar enterprise’s R&D initiatives across a wide range of technology domains.

Van Metre is a veteran of the United States Navy, completing a 20-year service for missions, such as four submarine assignments and education. Upon his retirement in 2005, he joined a subsidiary of the South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA ), which later became ATI. He initially held the position of Project Manager and soon transitioned to the business development role.

During his leadership, Van Metre has led two major acquisitions: the sale of SCRA to Analytic Services (ANSER) and ANSER to ATI. His works toward multi-disciplinary consortia formation and federal government collaboration have been a catalyst in the company’s growth tenfold, from an annual revenue of $150 million to $1.5 billion.


Mica Dolan, Chief Operating Officer

Mica Dolan, CPCM, Chief Operating Officer

Mica Dolan, CPCM, holds a two-decade tenure at Advanced Technology International. Since March 2022, she has served as the Chief Operating Officer, leading company-wide business administration, operations, policy implementation, and day-to-day oversight. In addition, Dolan spearheads the establishment of policies that promote the mission and vision of ATI.

Dolan initially joined ATI in 2004 as the Contracts and Subcontracts Manager. Boosting her expert position in the contracting landscape, she completed her certification as a Certified Professional Contracts Manager (CPCM). Dolan has held this position for over 14 years and was credited for her contributions to starting a number of consortia.

In 2018, Dolan expanded her contracting duties by assuming the role of Vice President of Contracts and Procurement. She managed the multi-billion dollar portfolio of ATI through her leadership qualifications in contract negotiation, program development, member training, and government collaboration. These experiences equipped her with capabilities upon transitioning as ATI’s operations executive.


Julia Martin, Chief Financial Officer

Julia Martin, Chief Financial Officer

Julia Martin is an accomplished finance professional with over three decades of experience across different financial fields. Her portfolio spans financial analysis, financial management, legal compliance, banking and credit activities, and financial operations for the internal business structure and external customers, such as federal agencies.

Currently, Martin serves as the Chief Financial Officer at Advanced Technology International. She is responsible for overall financial leadership and supervision of everyday operations. Martin works closely with the leadership team and the Board of Directors to develop financial strategies, Annual Operating Plan, and other programs to boost commercial growth.

On top of leading the financial and accounting departments of ATI, Martin is the primary Treasurer of the company. She handles ethics, regulatory compliance, and internal controls for risk management, price estimation, and federal contracts development. Moreover, Martin manages corporate legal activities related to finance and taxation.


Keith Sauls, Chief Management Officer

Keith Sauls, Chief Management Officer

As the Chief Management Officer, Keith Sauls leads the human resources, recruitment, corporate communications, policy development, facilities management, security, and other industry-related services. He has held this position since May 2020 after serving as the Executive Vice President of Business Services and Compliance for a year.

Sauls traces his deep understanding of the defense sector from his nearly three decades of tenure in the United States Navy. These experiences have helped him to fulfill ATI’s goal of lessening the R&D burden from the federal government. Further enhancing his understanding of federal defense, Sauls completed graduate studies in National Security Strategy.

Following his military retirement, Sauls joined Analytic Services as the Manager of the Policy and Planning Division for the Homeland Security Institute. He served in increasing responsibilities related to business services, operations, human resources, and project management until 2018. Ultimately, Sauls served as the Vice President of Business Services.


Shawn Gore, Senior Vice President of the Program Management Office

Shawn Gore, Senior Vice President of the Program Management Office

Shawn Gore heads ATI’s Program Management Office as the Senior Vice President. His responsibilities encompass monitoring, evaluation, process improvement, network development, and knowledge management of all programs and areas of interest. Gore has held this position since March 2022 after leading the Armament Technologies Division of ATI.

Gore spent a considerable time of his career in the United States Air Force as a Civil Engineer. He led the construction management for the $40 million worth of facilities, infrastructure, construction, and repair services. In his last year in the military, Gore was assigned to Saudi Arabia as the Civil Engineer Operations Flight Commander, overseeing over 200 military personnel and 60 contracted civilians.

During his over 15-year tenure at ATI, Gore handled one of the largest programs managed by the company, the Department of Defense Ordnance Technology Consortium (DOTC). DOTC integrates government, academia, and industry into a single initiative, allowing for the sharing of resources, assets, personnel, and equipment.


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Additionally, ATI‘s leadership comprises different industry leaders responsible for various facets of operations, administration, and services. These leaders pioneer innovation, engineering, supply chains, advanced materials, intellectual property, and other crucial divisions.

  • Mike Atkinson, Vice President of the Medical and Information Management Division
  • Chad Bryant, Vice President of the Sea, Space, and Air Division
  • Paul Dudley, Vice President of the Armament Technology Division
  • Matt Laudon, Vice President of the TechConnect Division
  • Marty Ryan, Vice President of the Naval Technologies Division
  • Mike Stebbins, Vice President of the Manufacturing and Threat Countermeasures Division
  • Michelle Crawford, Vice President and General Counsel
  • Elaine Sumera, Vice President of Business Development and Communications
  • Katrina Kenny, Vice President of Contracts and Procurement
  • Mike Johnson, CISSP, Vice President of Information Technology
  • Kelly Cusanelli, Vice President of Human Resources
  • Tony Bailey, Director of Strategic Projects
  • Nadia Gracia Bornfleth, Director of Learning and Professional Development
  • Tim Macon, Corporate Mentor for Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, and Advancement Council

Advanced Technology International Board of Directors

Overseeing the overall management and key interests of Advanced Technology International is the Board of Directors. They hold distinguished careers in the Department of Defense markets, helping the company realize its mission of lessening the R&D burden for the federal government.

  • Retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Charles Young, Board Chair
  • U.S. Air Force Reserve Colonel Aaron Hughes, Board Vice Chair
  • President and CEO Chris Van Metre, Board Member

About Advanced Technology International

About Advanced Technology International
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Built on the foundation of pioneering research and development and collaboration management with the federal government, Advanced Technology International demonstrates a history of working with the Department of Defense. It helps in its objective to address and solve the nation’s complex challenges through innovative solutions.

Check out the portfolio of the top government contracts won by Advanced Technology International right here.

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