Chance Saltzman: U.S. Space Force’s Chief of Space Operations is a Wash100 Award Winner in 2024

Chance Saltzman is Wash100 Award Winner in 2024

Chance Saltzman is the Chief of Space Operations at the United States Space Force. In this role, he serves as the foremost uniformed officer overseeing the organization, training, and equipment of the American Space Force. 


As a key member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Chief of Space Operations offers military counsel to the Secretary of Defense, the National Security Council, and the President.


Who is Chance Saltzman?


As the Chief of Space Operations, Chance Saltzman’s primary responsibilities lie in ensuring the readiness of the American Space Force deployed domestically and internationally. These forces execute missions on behalf of the Joint Force under combatant commanders. 


General Chance Saltzman brings operational experience in missile and space systems to his current role, including serving as a Minuteman III launch officer and a satellite operator for the National Reconnaissance Office. Formerly the Chief Operations  Officer at the U.S. Space Force, Chance Saltzman also brings his proactive engagements with Guardians through “C-notes,”  where he shares his strategic vision for the service branch.


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Chance Saltzman’s Wash100 Awards


General Cance Saltzman, the Chief of Space Operations at the U.S. Space Force, has received the esteemed Wash100 Award for two consecutive years, in 2023 and 2024. His recognition highlights his impact on the government contracting sector and his role in enhancing the strategic trajectory capabilities of the U.S. Space Force.




Jim Garrettson awarding the Wash100 Award to Chance Saltzman
Photo/ Executive Mosaic


Chance Saltzman’s Wash100 award in 2023 stemmed from his strategic leadership of the Space Force, where he prioritized military innovation, workforce development, and operational capabilities in space. He was included in the roster of influential GovCon figures for advancing the Space Force’s operational advantage through innovative practices and talent cultivation.


During Saltzman’s tenure, the Space Force achieved significant operational effectiveness and technological innovation milestones. Notably, the activation of nine new units specializing in electronic warfare, missile warning, and space domain protection showcased the Force’s commitment to enhancing its capabilities. 


The Victus Nox mission is a prime example of this unit, demonstrating the Space Force’s ability to deploy space assets swiftly, reducing acquisition-to-operation timelines to under 12 months, and enabling operational deployment within five days.


Saltzman’s oversight also led to the expansion of Space Forces Europe and Africa (SPACE FOREUR-AF), further boosting the department’s global footprint and strategic partnerships. This expansion enhanced alliances and deterred potential threats in the space domain.




Chance Saltzman’s second Wash100 award in 2024 recognized his unwavering commitment to advancing the newest branch of the military, the U.S. Space Force. He assumed top leadership in November 2022, cultivated combat-ready forces, enhanced the Guardian ethos, and formed strategic partnerships. 


Chance Saltzman’s strategic vision, encapsulated in the mantra “Shaping Space Force Future Through Technology, Partnerships & Culture,” underscored his multifaceted approach to transforming the service.


Banner of the 2024 Space Summit


One of his key initiatives has been identifying critical “technology gaps” within the Space Force, particularly in geosynchronous Earth orbit surveillance and coverage of adversary satellites in the Southern Hemisphere. Chance Saltzman aims to integrate space domain awareness into the Space Warfighting Analysis Center’s force design efforts to address these challenges. Additionally, the Space Force’s Chief of Space Operations plans to collaborate with external entities to develop the necessary technological infrastructure.


Internally, Chance Saltzman is establishing new System Delta units, which are set to work alongside integrated mission deltas. This proactive approach to technology and innovation reflects Saltzman’s strategic leadership style, positioning the Space Force for continued success in the ever-evolving space domain.

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Written by Skyler Bernards

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