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CEO Haresh Vataliya on Growing vTech Solution & the Competitive Advantage of 8(a) SDBs

CEO Haresh Vataliya on Growing vTech Solution & the Competitive Advantage of 8(a) SDBs - top government contractors - best government contracting event

Haresh Vataliya, CEO of vTech Solution, has navigated a path of strategic growth and innovation for nearly two decades. Unlike most companies that start with a product or service in mind (“the Uber of aglets”), or the sole focus on financial success, vTech Solution started as an answer to an important question: “How do we help people—friends, family, and strangers—find jobs they love, while providing needed service to organizations?”

The result is an IT consulting company driven by a clear mission: a commitment to empowering customers, employees and partners.

This mission has allowed vTech to seamlessly serve customers solutions for digital modernization, cybersecurity, managed IT services, cloud infrastructure and professional services within the federal, SLED and commercial sectors.

Vataliya sat down with ExecutiveBiz to discuss how, despite the societal obstacles of the past 20 years—the housing crisis and a global pandemic, just to name two—vTech has experienced growth by staying true to its mission, and how the entire organization is just getting started.

Reflecting on vTech Solution’s growth trajectory, could you share some insights into the key factors that have contributed to the company’s success?

Certainly. Every challenge we’ve faced has been an opportunity to innovate and grow. From our inception, we’ve prioritized excellence, customer satisfaction and a culture of continuous improvement. These values have guided our strategic decisions and fueled our growth over the years. For example, during both the financial crisis of 2008 and the onset of Covid-19 in 2019, there were moments when we were truly unsure how we would keep the lights on. Through persistence and continual training of our people, we found new opportunities and new markets to grow into, which is where we are today. As we like to say, “We shine brightest when times are tough.”

vTech Solution is an 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business. Can you elaborate on how this designation has contributed to the company’s success?

Being an 8(a) SDB has provided us with unique opportunities to access government contracts and forge strategic partnerships. We understand our size as a company, and this status has enabled us to compete on a level playing field with larger firms while maintaining our agility and customer-centric approach. This designation has been instrumental in driving our growth and impact in our three verticals.

Additionally, we can’t overlook the value and importance of the wonderful mentor-protégé program administered by the Small Business Administration. Our mentor, TAD PGS, Inc. (established by Adecco), has been a beacon of experience and knowledge for our organization.

To any organization that can qualify as an SDB with the SBA, I cannot stress the importance of this enough.

Looking at your past and present partnerships, are there specific examples of partners that really helped vTech Solution go and grow to the next level?

When reflecting on the early days, I will always be grateful to Siddartha Chowdhary, now chairman at Credence Management Solutions, LLC. They were one of the first organizations to truly give us a chance and connect us with many of the meaningful relationships we have today, such as the D.C. government. This early win was our mission in action. We focused on empowering people first; business came second.

I like to think of vTech as a human capital company that just so happens to provide IT solutions, not an IT company with humans working away in the background.

Regarding current partners, I am overjoyed with how we collaborate with the Department of Agriculture. What started off as one small contract has grown into a partnership where we are working in all eight of their mission areas. Most recently, we were proud to be awarded as one of the 12 Cloud SaaS providers for STRATUS Basic Ordering Agreement Pool 3.

vTech Solution has grown to the point where it will now have two offices, one in D.C. and one in Reston, Va. What prompted this decision, and how has it impacted the company?

The decision to expand to new office spaces in D.C. and Reston, Va, was driven by our strategic goals and commitment to providing a better work environment for our team. Establishing an office in DC allows us to be closer to our federal clients and better engage with key stakeholders, enhancing our ability to respond quickly and effectively to their needs. This proximity has fostered stronger partnerships and facilitated more seamless collaboration on federal projects.

On the other hand, Reston, Va, is a hub for tech companies and offers a vibrant community with access to top talent. Our office in Reston is designed to foster collaboration, creativity and employee well-being, aligning with our mission to empower our team. The new office spaces feature open floor plans, collaborative workspaces and areas dedicated to relaxation and wellness.

The dual locations also allow us to attract a diverse range of talent and provide more flexibility for our employees, contributing to overall job satisfaction and retention.

Looking ahead, what are vTech Solution’s priorities and strategic objectives?

We will continue to stay true to our mission of putting people first. Our growing portfolio of solutions has come from client-centric requests, which, of course, only stem from deepening relationships. We are about to unveil a new digital modernization product while aiming to expand our current services in the IT consulting and staffing sectors.

Additionally, we are continually focused on our culture of innovation, collaboration, and employee empowerment. We strive to create an environment where employees feel valued and motivated while operating ethically and transparently with a focus on long-term success.

Lastly, if this is the first time someone is hearing about vTech, what is your main message?

We are a people-first company. Everyone we interact with—partners, clients, customers, employees—are more than just a number to us. Guided by industry experts, we deliver tailored technology solutions at a lower cost and in a more efficient timeframe.

As we say in our tagline, “You Seek, We Deliver.”

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