V2X CHRO Jo Ann Bjornson Talks Talent Acquisition in Today’s Competitive Market

V2X CHRO Jo Ann Bjornson Talks Talent Acquisition in Today’s Competitive Market
Jo Ann Bjornson, CHRO, SVP, V2X

In the nearly two years since V2X emerged in the GovCon market, the enterprise has become a leader in the operational segment of the broader federal services ecosystem. Now, with Jo Ann Bjornson on board as the company’s chief human resources officer and senior vice president, V2X is focusing on reinvigorating its brand, scaling its capabilities and bolstering its workforce. 

Executive Mosaic spoke with Bjornson, a former Leidos executive, about her vision for the future of the company’s workforce, how V2X is approaching its talent acquisition and why mission matters in a competitive market. Read below for the full interview.

Jo Ann, you joined V2X as chief human resources officer last year. What attracted you to V2X?

I have spent nearly my entire career in the government contracting world; however, I saw V2X as something new: a leader in the operational sector of the market, which was a different type of company for me. During my interview process, I got to know every member of the executive leadership team and heard from each of them a universal passion for what had been built: something differentiated, and a workforce culture deeply committed to both customers and each other. 

What also struck me was the diversity of the work being done and what that meant from a workforce perspective. I saw a company that gives opportunity for people from a wide variety of backgrounds around the globe. This diversity isn’t just limited to race or gender, but extends across skills, capabilities, cultures and more, making V2X a truly global entity that embraces, celebrates and leverages its diversity. I also met and saw many employees who have come from very humble beginnings and have found great career fulfillment in ways they never imagined through opportunities at V2X. 

Of course, there was also a deep passion for the mission. Over half of our workforce are either former military or military spouses, and at V2X, many of them are now in the field side by side with our military service members. Commitment to what we do every day reflects the level of V2X’s ethos of service.

What do you hope to accomplish in your new role?

I am excited to be a part of this team and for the opportunity to build on the successes of V2X. Though we have a long-storied history, we have a relatively new brand which means that we must continue to strengthen our recognition as an employer in the market. To do so, we must continue to craft a compelling narrative around V2X’s story and mission, our employee experience and ensure that our distinctiveness and fulfilling purpose are more widely acknowledged and appreciated.

I and the rest of our leadership team are also focused on further scaling our company, leveraging the heritage of our legacy organizations and the diverse capabilities they bring to the table to deliver more robust solutions for our customers and more career opportunities and experiences for our people. I see this as a crucial step in sustaining our growth trajectory and expanding our influence in the market.

I also aim to capitalize on V2X’s core capability to deploy our people globally and to adapt quickly in the ever-evolving geopolitical landscape. Recognizing the importance of agility in navigating complex dynamics, I want to position V2X as a versatile and responsive player both domestically and in the global arena, capable of seizing opportunities and mitigating risks effectively. Through these strategic initiatives, I hope to propel V2X towards greater success and impact in the coming years.

Tell me more about V2X’s core values. How do you think these values translate into continued success and growth in the GovCon market?

V2X’s core values revolve around integrity, respect, responsibility and professionalism. These values form the foundation of our company culture and guide our interactions with both customers and colleagues.

When a customer engages with V2X, these values become tangible through their experiences. Our people are working side by side with their colleagues and our customers, demonstrating that no task is too small or insignificant. This approach reflects genuine care for all aspects of our work and for everyone involved in the process.

These values become evident in the quality of services and work product we deliver and the interactions we have. Our commitment to integrity, respect, responsibility and professionalism is what our customers come to expect with V2X and enhances our brand identity and fosters trust and satisfaction in our service delivery. As a result, our reputation for excellence drives growth in our business, as clients recognize and appreciate the value of partnering with a company that prioritizes these principles.

Can you talk about your strategy for attracting, developing, and retaining top-level talent in the midst of ongoing talent shortages in today’s highly competitive market?

We recognize that the market remains competitive in general but particularly in our industry. Those who come to V2X typically come first and foremost for a higher calling: mission. Our world continues to be a dangerous place and we recognize that our military serves to ensure that we remain safe. At V2X, employees can be actively involved and contribute meaningfully, side by side with their colleagues and customers. Despite our scale, our culture remains one where voices are heard and individuals feel valued and impactful at all levels of the organization.

We distinguish ourselves by the opportunities we provide to our employees. We take pride in our diverse workforce, our ability to operate in and with various cultures around the world and to offer not just a job but a chance to engage in meaningful work and career opportunities.

By focusing on our mission, maintaining an inclusive and welcoming culture and providing meaningful opportunities, we attract top talent who are aligned with our values and mission. Through ongoing development initiatives and a supportive environment, we nurture skills and potential, ensuring that our employees have opportunity to grow and thrive within V2X. This holistic approach enables us to attract top-level talent and retain them in the long term, despite the challenges posed by ongoing talent shortages in today’s competitive market. 

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Written by Summer Myatt

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