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Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Gains 3rd Wash100 Recognition for Advancing Deterrence Integration, Military Alliance

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Gains 3rd Wash100 Recognition for Advancing Deterrence Integration, Military Alliance - top government contractors - best government contracting event

Executive Mosaic is pleased to introduce Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin as a 2023 Wash100 Award winner for promoting integrated deterrence and advancing the development of military technology capabilities. This marks the third consecutive year that he has been selected to Executive Mosaic’s annual list of the top 100 leaders from the government and GovCon business.

Under Austin’s leadership, the Department of Defense for the first time issued together three strategic documents – National Defense Strategy, Nuclear Posture Review and the Missile Defense Review – in October 2022.

By weaving these documents together, we help ensure that the entire department is moving forward together, matching our resources to our goals,” Austin said. “The strength and combat credibility of the joint force remains central to integrated deterrence.”

At a press conference, Austin described integrated deterrence as an effort that leverages all capabilities in all warfighting domains that include air, ground, sea, space and cyber.

“Integrated deterrence isn’t just about steps that we take on our own,” he said. “It also means working even more closely with our unparalleled network of allies and partners to deter aggression in region after region.”

Austin, a retired U.S. Army general, recognizes the importance of passing timely and full-year appropriations in advancing U.S. deterrence, which he said calls for the development of cutting-edge technological capabilities in space, cyberspace and other domains where conflicts of the 21st century could emerge.

So let me urge Congress to pass an on-time appropriation so that we can get the capabilities to further strengthen our deterrence,” Austin said at a forum in December 2022.

With him at the helm, the Pentagon continued to support diplomatic efforts amid the inevitability of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The United States, in lockstep with our allies and partners, has offered Russia a path away from crisis and toward greater security, and the Department of Defense will continue to support those diplomatic efforts,” Austin told reporters in January 2022.

In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, DOD moved to expedite the transfer of military capabilities to the Eastern European country.

In February 2022, cyber officials from U.S. and French military organizations met at the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence in Georgia to advance their partnership in cyberspace.

Austin recognized the importance of the U.S.-French cyber partnership in fighting malicious hackers.

“Our countries have a strong shared interest in protecting our critical infrastructure and that of our allies, including cyber infrastructure, and that’s a foundation for our future cooperation in the area of technological infrastructure more broadly,” he explained.

On the issue of China, Austin noted that the U.S. working to keep communication lines open with China’s defense officials and launching other efforts to build up “guardrails against conflict” with the Asian country.

“We do not seek a new Cold War, an Asian NATO, or a region split into hostile blocs,” Austin said at a defense conference in June in Singapore.

“We will defend our interests without flinching, but we’ll also work toward our vision for this region—one of expanding security, one of increased cooperation, and not one of growing division,” he added.

Austin recognizes the role of microelectronics in enabling the U.S. to produce and sustain weapons systems and other warfighting capabilities. 

In January, he declared the Defense Microelectronics Activity a Center for Industrial Technical Excellence. The CITE designation allows DMEA to support small deliveries of critical microelectronics and semiconductors internal and external to DOD and use public-private partnerships to establish collaboration between military depots and commercial companies.

To further advance innovation, DOD established an office aimed at helping technology developers find the capital they need to bring platforms to the military and national security markets. 

We are in a global competition for leadership in critical technologies, and the Office of Strategic Capital will help us win that competition and build enduring national security advantages,” Austin said.

“By working with the private capital markets and by partnering with our federal colleagues, OSC will address investment gaps and add a new tool to the Department’s investment toolbox,” he added.

In December, Northrop Grumman and the U.S. Air Force unveiled the B-21 Raider long-range strike bomber plane as part of the country’s nuclear triad meant to deter potential adversaries. 

Austin said the new bomber reflects DOD’s long-term commitment to developing capabilities that will strengthen the country’s ability to deter aggression, which is part of the National Defense Strategy.

This bomber was built on a foundation of strong, bipartisan support in Congress. And because of that support, we will soon fly this aircraft, test it and then move into production,” he added.

Executive Mosaic congratulates Lloyd Austin and the DOD organization for their selection to receive the 2023 Wash100 Award. Cast a vote now for your favorite GovCon champion at! Site visitors can select 10 executives for our Popular Vote rankings until April 28.

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Written by Jane Edwards

is a staff writer at Executive Mosaic, where she writes for ExecutiveBiz about IT modernization, cybersecurity, space procurement and industry leaders’ perspectives on government technology trends.

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