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Executive Spotlight: PV Puvvada, CEO of NetImpact Strategies

Executive Spotlight: PV Puvvada, CEO of NetImpact Strategies - top government contractors - best government contracting event

PV Puvvada, CEO of NetImpact Strategies and a six-time Wash100 Award winner, recently spoke with ExecutiveBiz for the publication’s latest Executive Spotlight interview.

Previously, Puvvada spoke with ExecutiveBiz back in March 2021 about assuming the CEO role with NetImpact, the company’s winning culture and market strategy as well as its digital transformation capabilities and more.

In his latest Executive Spotlight with the leading publication, Puvvada detailed the success that NetImpact’s digital transformation services have had for federal agencies over the past year. In addition, he also spoke about the company’s DX360 solutions platform, recent certifications and software capability updates as well as its work on the First Virtual Education Center with DHA and PV’s growth strategy for 2022.

“This is an exciting journey that we’re taking, especially for a company of our size and in our category. We have seen a tremendous response from our customers and this overall approach is about offering a full spectrum of capabilities. We want to focus around the best-in-class, disrupting the market and distinguishing ourselves in the sector and within our own culture.”

You can read the full Executive Spotlight interview with PV Puvvada below:

ExecutiveBiz: When we last spoke back in March, we discussed taking a holistic approach to digital transformation services for federal agencies. How has that approach led to success for your customers and improved the integration of significant and advanced technology platforms?

PV Puvvada: “NetImpact’s holistic approach to digital transformation is delivering significant benefits to our federal clients, especially providing them the ability to quickly transform their core operations as well as achieve key mission outcomes effectively. Clients need more than integration of advanced technology platforms – this is where our DX360™ platform becomes very important. DX360™ solution cohesively integrates strategy, culture, technology, and data. The resulting roadmap and activities are easy to follow and implement across the breadth of the agency because it simultaneously focuses on all aspects of their transformation needs. 

Because we understand the mission that our customers are living in every day so profoundly, we bring an intimate alignment of digital strategy, culture, technology, and data integrated in the context of the agency’s mission priorities. We are able to unleash the full power of advanced technology capabilities in the context of agency mission by proactively partnering with agencies to build and mature their digital strategies. Through this, we are not just creating a technological legacy, but helping our agency partners build the digital dexterity needed to maximize use of new capabilities for the future.

We successfully deployed several strategy consulting offerings including Digital Blueprint™ for digital strategy and road mapping, ParadigmSHIFT™ to apply organizational change management (OCM) that works at scale for the federal government, and AgileGovernance™ in harnessing the power of agility for empowered decision-making. On the technology side, we have invested heavily to build SaaS based COTS software products and solution packs that integrate into multiple cloud platforms as a part of our PlatformFirst™ portfolio. 

At the end of the day, it comes back to data and how users can gain convenient but secure access to data that is accurate and meets their needs for running operations as well as decision support. That’s where the Data.Impact™ solution strategy comes into play, which is overarching for how you unlock the relevant data and analytics capability that is built using advanced AI/ML algorithms. All this put together meant a continuous flow of value for the government.

ExecutiveBiz: More recently, NetImpact announced its ITAM Product Line Certification as well as Now Platform Workflow Badge. Congrats! What can you tell us about the impact those certifications will have on NetImpact’s DX360 Solution strategies and advanced software capabilities for your customers mission needs?

PV Puvvada: “Thank you! We are pleased with our ability to quickly add new certifications and credentials to achieve scale and help our customers accelerate their digital journey. In the big picture sense of things, we’re focused on being a best-in-class strategic alliance partner for key technology providers. We have already reached this goal with ServiceNow and working towards the same goal with other key partners. 

We are one of the top ServiceNow Elite partners, which is very unique in the market. ServiceNow Elite status is very hard to accomplish and only a few companies in our market has this capability. As a matter of fact, even some of the largest companies in the market do not have the Elite level. We have become a valuable and attractive partner to many large companies as a result.

With these two new ServiceNow designations you mentioned, we are now putting even more distance between us and the rest of the market. For example, we are the first Federal partner to achieve the ITAM Product Line Certification. In addition to that, we received the Platform Workflow Badge along with App engine because we have been able to show how quickly we can build a large number of mission applications to support key agency goals.

As a part of our PlatformFirst™ brand, we have already released several new SaaS products and plan to launch several others during 2022. These products include a combination of low code/no code apps, cloud integration software, and AI enabled automation software. These are certified by the platform technology vendors and are readily available in their store for clients to access very cost effectively.

Federal agencies can deploy a wide range of leading-edge digital capabilities often in less than a month that would have otherwise taken several months or even years for them to build on their own or would have to use other platforms at significantly higher cost. 

Within a next couple of weeks, NetImpact Strategies will become the largest independent software vendor (ISV) in Federal by number of software products that are released in the ServiceNow store. Same distinction will follow on other technology platforms including Microsoft, Amazon, and others during the rest of 2022.

We are aggressively investing to ensure we deliver the best digital capabilities for our client base. We’ve grown very quickly into a highly agile and focused company to help our customers achieve time to value for their mission and maximize the return on investments they’re making. 

On top of highly differentiated portfolio of digital service offerings, we are creating uniqueness and disruption in the market with these SaaS based COTS products. We’re leveraging our advanced R&D capabilities to invest in taking advantage of the software platforms that our clients have already invested in and we are creating extensibility and low-cost sustainability that meets their immediate needs as efficiently as possible. That’s our strategy and we want to drive that success across all cloud platforms we are focusing on.” 

ExecutiveBiz: With the major technological shifts happening in the medical field, how has NetImpact’s recent work with DHA, the First Virtual Education Center as well as the recent Ektropy contract for software solutions, helped to provide greater collaboration and development to improve healthcare services that other federal agencies could use as a template to improve?

PV Puvvada: “It’s extremely important that we continue to collaborate innovatively with federal health agencies. Both VEC and Ektropy are very important strategic capabilities and have a lot of applicability to other agencies. For example, VEC is a highly innovative solution that provides timely, curated, and approved medical content to patients while Ektropy drives true DevOps forward to raise an army of Cost Warriors.

The first one, VEC addresses an issue that not only challenges patient outcomes in federal health industry, but across all of healthcare – globally. Currently, there is no easy, consolidated way for doctors and other providers to deliver vetted patient education material.

The content delivered by VEC as “new source of truth” reduces risks of patients conducting their own research online because the information patients find could be unreliable or inaccurate. Google is a powerful search platform, but it does not replace medical degrees. Beyond education, VEC also serves as a platform for providers to maintain persistent engagement with their patients. 

Eventually, VEC will deliver this content to all 9.7 million patients within in the military health system without providers or patients needing to get onto a different system. VEC will seamlessly integrate into and operate within the MHS GENESIS patient portal and will provide rich virtual experience. This project aligns with DHA’s “Ready Reliable Care” framework and the agency’s goal of “Satisfied Patients“.

ExecutiveBiz: With the new year underway, what are your goals and expectations for NetImpact’s growth in 2022? How will you continue to differentiate the company in the federal sector and drive new capabilities for the federal workforce and your customers?

PV Puvvada:With the new year underway, what are your goals and expectations for NetImpact’s growth in 2022? How will you continue to differentiate the company in the federal sector and drive new capabilities for the federal workforce and your customers? 

“We had an exciting 2021 and accomplished a great deal across all aspects of our company’s operations. We have done an excellent job in growing our business as well as our organization. Our employee base grew by more than 30 percent in a very tough environment for hiring and retention. In fact, we were recognized by Washington Post’s “Top Workplaces – Remote.” We have an even more ambitious plan in 2022 and all the underpinnings for success are in full motion. We have an impressive line-up of announcements already and are preparing to launch a groundbreaking industry-wide movement in March. 

At the core of our company strategy is about distinguishing ourselves from the rest of the market with our disruptive capabilities, our highly engaged employees, our client mission intimacy, and our agile culture. This approach is embedded within the DNA of NetImpact and everything that we do from within or outside of the organization is focused around delivering on this successfully. 

This is an exciting journey that we’re taking, especially for a company of our size in the mid-market category. We have seen a tremendous response from our existing and new customers, and they are validating our strategy and approach every day.”

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Written by William McCormick

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